First UMC Modesto

Our Mission Statement:
Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Core Values:
• The Holy Spirit is the source of our power to follow Jesus Christ.

• Prayer is the most consistently powerful means through which the Holy Spirit enters and directs our lives.

• Scripture is our primary Resource for discerning God's will.

• Celebrating God together in worship is the central expression of the Christian community.

• In Christian fellowship we experience the presence of the living Christ

• The sacraments (baptism and communion) are instruments by which Christ is remembered and Received.

• It is in serving others that we serve Jesus Christ.

• It is our responsibility and joy to invite all people to participate in the Church so a personal relationship with Jesus Christ may be established and grown.

• Christian education is a vital part of growing in knowledge and faith.

• All we have comes from and is owed to God.