Mission & Outreach

Family Promise — An Interfaith Hospitality Network

Helping families regain their independence by serving as volunteers in our local church during guest week stays.
Contact|Barbara Barker: bbarkers@sbcglobal.net

Family Promise of Greater Modesto
Empowering families to overcome homelessness and regain independence.

Family Promise has been at work in the Greater Modesto area since mid-2005.
It is one of 182 Family Promise Affiliates across the nation. Modesto has 11
local congregations working together and assisted by 30-50 trained volunteers
a week. Your donation will help provide safe, homelike shelter where families can
stay together. All families work with caring volunteers and intensive case
management assists in finding jobs and housing.

Feed My Sheep
Feed My Sheep offers friendship and action; the authenticity of being a church. This small group works to provide a Monday evening meal for church members who are celebrating, recuperating, or cherishing a visit. We're looking for a few new team members who can help once a month cooking, listening, or driving. Consider becoming a sheepherder with us!
Contact|Judy Church: juchur2@aol.net

Heifer International — A Living Gift Market
Gift Market Fairs “sell” food and income producing animals like goats, bees, chicks and heifers. The animals go to hungry, rural families working to improve their lives, and are delivered with technical training in animal care and concern for the environment. Enjoy refreshments, animal booths, international crafts and the opportunity to shop for a “living gift”.
Contact|Carrie Castillon: carrie6893@sbcglobal.net

Salvation Army Homeless and Transition Shelter
The Salvation Army in Modesto operates a shelter located at 9th and D Streets. The shelter is available all year round at full capacity of 150 persons. As a ministry, our groups provide meals and lovingly serve at the shelter one evening each month.
Contact| Judy Church: juchur2@aol.com